NTN registration and STRN or STN registration requirements for Company

NTN stands for National Tax Number

STRN stands for Sales Tax Registration Number

STN stands for Sales Tax Number


  • Taxpayer is present in person (Any Director in case of Company)
  • TR-01 Form – aka Taxpayer registration form or NTN registration form.  Download it here
  • CNIC of all directors
  • Bank account maintenance certificate issued by the bank in the name of the business
  • Lease or rent agreement, if the premises is on rent, along with CNIC of the owner of the premises
  • Ownership documents of the premises, such as registered sales deed or registered transfer deed
  • Electricity bills of last three months (paid)
  • List of machinery installed in case of manufacturer
  • Distribution certificate from the principal showing distribution ship or dealership, in case of distributor or dealer
  • Particulars of all branches in case of multiple branches at various locations (to be mentioned on TR-01 form)
  • Particulars of all franchise holders in case of national or international franchise
  • Incorporation certificate along with Form A, Form 21, Form 29 as prescribed by the Companies Ordinance 1984
  • Balance sheet on company’s letter head. Just a basic balance sheet showing paid up capital on equity side and cash on the assets side.
  • Authority letter for representative duly signed by all the directors including the director to be appointed as representative. The authority letter should say that, “We the directors of XYZ (Pvt) Limited, hereby authorize Mr. ABC (CNIC: XXXXX-XXXXXXX-X) being the director of XYZ (Pvt) Limited to file the requisite documents with the designated authority of FBR, RTO, LTU which are required to be filed under the tax rules and regulations whether electronically or manually for income tax and sales tax registration and like purposes on behalf of XYZ (Pvt) Ltd.

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